Music is Sustenance

Record Trough

You consume music at an alarming speed. Your friends and family tease you that you wouldn't be able to survive on a deserted island without your record player. Some people are foodies. To you, music is sustenance.

Your preferred method of listening to music is on vinyl. You love the rich, belly deep sounds a record produces opposed to the crisp, clean sound of an MP3. The only problem is that your collection has slowly turned into an obsession. You can't distinguish your Dolly Parton from your Rolling Stones because your records are in unorganized piles all over your house. Luckily, there is a solution.

This wood Vinyl holder sits low to the ground and can also be used to hold books, DVDs, CDs, or magazines. Great for the Type A music lover.

18 1/2 deep x 62 in wide x 13 1/4 in tall


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