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Interior design can be an exciting endeavor, but all too often we see very predictable results. Rooms frequently look like they were taken straight out of a Restoration Hardware or West Elm catalog, depending on the clients’ taste and budget. Now, there is nothing wrong with these big box stores and they all do a great job; but to create something truly original, a little more is needed. There is no better way to do find this illusive more than by shopping vintage.

Vintage finds at Casa Victoria

Vintage items from Casa Victoria in Max Gough's Home

A room needs interest, layers and depth; something that the eye can rest on that it has not already glanced at a hundred times that day online. Casa Victoria has been one of my favorite stores for over a decade for this exact reason, cool stuff. My own apartment reflects years of great finds; such as my graphic black-and- white floral sofa, my Indian musician coffee table, and the many eclectic paintings hanging on my walls. I refer to my favorite as my “Poor Man’s David Hockney,” but my friends call it the “Gay Christopher Robin.”

Vintage on a budgetGay Christopher Robin

There are few stores in LA where you can consistently walk in and find exiting and unexpected objects that range from the chic to the ridiculous, making each time I go in a little adventure. It is also a staple place for any budget. (And as much as nobody wants a budget there ALWAYS is one- no matter what some might have you believe!)I have turned to them for large projects and small independent film rentals with equal success.

West Coast Exotic

Over the past decade as my style has evolved, so has the style of Casa Victoria and its owners, Isaac and Robert. I have become good friends with this duo making it an extra bonus when out shopping to pop in for a little gossip and fun. I jokingly call my style West Coast Exotic, which basically means blending the big California trends of Asian, Spanish and mid-century into one delightful mash-up of color and pattern madness. Casa Victoria is always there to help add some spice to the palette. Happy shopping!

Max Gough - Principal - Maximillian DesignsMax Gough, Principal Maximillian DesignsMaximillian Designs was born out of Max's dichotomous mix of creative pursuits from early dabblings in musical theatre to a stint at the Alvin Ailey School to his current obsession with art, photography, fashion and fringe. His design style is beyond eclectic, and his current influences range from Fellini films to the Bauhaus to the Haus of Gaga.

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