Give Your Bathroom a Vintage Modern Makeover

Bathrooms are so much more than just a place where we brush our pearly whites before drifting off into dreamland. Whether you are taking the perfect selfie, attending your monthly date with Lady Clairol, or soaking in a ridiculous amount of bubbles, the time spent in the bathroom is almost always precious.

The bathroom is a modern day sanctuary, a place you are allowed (and encouraged) to make your daily transformation. Below we have put together a list of tips that will help you give your bathroom a vintage modern transformation of its very own. 

vintage modern bathroom

1. Hang a chandelier above the claw foot bathtub.

2. Replace the mirror above the sink with one that's a little sexier.

3. Place brass candle holders all over the bathroom--don't forget the candles!

4. Give your bathtub a fresh coat of black paint.

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