Fabric Shopping in Downtown L. A.

Downtown LA Fabric District Choosing a fabric for my home or for the shop used to be a problem for me.  After so many mistakes spending unnecessary money and time driving around too much, I have become a better fabric shopper. Just like shoes, perfume or clothing, fabrics are very personal. From texture, color, and pattern to quality and feeling,  choosing the right fabric can be a nightmare.  While some like strong colors, huge prints, or  harsh texture, others prefer soft, quiet and subtle fabrics. For that, I believe every chosen fabric reflects the personality of the buyer.

Stay Focused on Your Budget

When it comes to selecting a fabric, the first thing I think about is how much I want to spend on the total project. That way I don't go over the budget.  For example, I spent 150.00 on an awesome 8 foot 1970's sofa and the  upholstery guy charged me 450.00 to do the job. On top of that, I needed 15 yards of fabric which I had  to add-on to my budget.  These are things that I keep in mind to keep my self focused.

To save money, I go right to the source; the Downtown L. A. Fabric District. This is roughly the area between 9th and 8th streets and San Julian and Maple Street. There are over 50 shops and unlimited fabrics to choose from.  Michael Levine and Home Fabrics are two of my favorite ones.

Michael Levine

Michael Levine has two locations across from each other on Maple Ave. One of these has everything you need for upholstery. From sofa fabrics to cow hides, you will find it all here.  You will find the latest styles here and also be sure to look for their clearance tables in the back of the store where you can get some fantastic deals on high quality fabric.

Home Fabrics

My second recommendation is Home Fabrics located at 910 s. Wall St. (213) 689-9141. This is a very organized shop with two floors of higher end fabrics  and a good selection of trims. They have a great selection of velvet, silks and taffeta and the more you buy the more you will save. If you buy whats left on the role, you will get a better price. I love to browse all the different shops but seem to always purchase from these two stores.  I like how both these stores have the prices on the rolls whereas other stores in the neighborhood seem to price their merchandise  based on the way they perceive you and your ability to pay.


If you have any questions about fabric shopping or you have a project you are working on, contact us at 323-644-5590 and we would be happy to help you.