We Styled One Campaign Desk Four Different Ways

Ever impulsively buy something only to get home and realize you have no clue how to make it work with the rest of your decor? Because we understand that not everyone was born with an eye for design, we love giving you tips!

Remember, there are four key elements to keep in mind when styling your campaign desk; lightingdesk accessorieswall art and seating. Each image below will show you how to balance each of these elements as well as provide inspiration for you to style your very own.

Whether you are trying brighten up your dorm room or give your home office a much needed face-lift, Casa Victoria has got you covered! See something you can't live without? Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the item is still available.

campaign desk

This solid wood campaign-style desk has brass recessed handles and two file drawers. Desk is beautiful as-is or can be painted to complement your personality :)

52 in wide x 24 in deep x 30 in tall


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1. Polished

You like getting a good night's rest, being on time and quiet evenings alone spent reading the classics. You aren't much of a drinker but you would never turn down a glass of Glenlivet.

1. Lighting // Brass Desk Lamp
2. Accessories // Horse Head Book Ends
3 Wall Art // Mirror
4. Seating // Wood Stool

Campaign Desk

2.  Dot Com

When you aren't writing code for your friend's new event discovery app, you're diligently working on your own startup. Who can sleep when there are memes to be created and forums to be trolled? 

1. Lighting // Clear Glass Lamp
2. Accessories // iMac
3. Wall Art // Map
4. Seating // Metal Chair

dot com

3. Romantic

You enjoy sipping lemongrass green tea that has a personality much like yourself, mellow yet refreshing. When you aren't watching Turner Classic Movies, you're listening to Billie Holiday on vinyl or painting your nails a pretty pastel pink.  

1. Lighting // White Pottery Lamp
2. Accessories // Dog Figurine
3. Wall Art // Decorative Mirror
4. Seating // Lucite Arm Chair


4. Organic

When you aren't out shopping for organic arugula at the farmer's market or teaching yoga to pre-schoolers, you are busy writing an organic cookbook for kids entitled "You Are What You Eat."

1. Lighting // Skinny Metal Lamp
2. Accessories // Potted Plants
3. Wall Art // Floor to Ceiling Chevron 
4. Seating // Faux Bamboo Chair