Become One With Nature With These 4 Vintage Items

You feel the most at peace when your bare feet are one with the earth, your fingernails are caked with dirt and your hair is windblown. You don’t understand how people can spend most of their lives indoors. After a few hours inside you feel as though you are suffocating. Your lungs long to be filled with the crisp morning air and your nose with the sweet smell of rain. 

Since mother nature's plans are not always conducive to your obsession with the great outdoors, we have a solution. Below are four items that will help you become one with nature when the weather is less than favorable. Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the items below are still available.

Hand Carved Counter Stool

Hand Carved Counter Stool

This unusual counter stool was hand carved from exotic hardwood and then trimmed with leather and rope.


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Vintage White Antler Chandelier

vintage white antler chandelier

This vintage white antler chandelier was handcrafted in 1970.


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Animal Hide Drum Table

animal hide drum table

This animal hide drum table has a glass top and a lot of attitude. 


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Conch Shell Basket

conch shell basket

This decorative conch shell basket would be a great catchall for keys and other easily misplaced items.


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