SOLD - All Together Now

Twice The Pay, Half The Stay

You got a job offer in the city that is paying twice your current salary. Now you have to move into an apartment that is half the size of your current apartment.

You swore you would never live in a small space again considering you spent most of your twenties being able to watch your ramen boil on the stove, take a shower and watch SNL all at the same time.

You have to rethink your current decor. Pieces that are multi purpose are worth their weight in gold. Luckily, you have options.

This 1950s floor lamp is also a magazine holder and a side table. The table is made of wood, the base is made of metal, and the magazine basket is made of vinyl.

table is 21 in tall x 16 in wide x 17 1/2 in deep

lamp is 58 in tall


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