A Vintage Gift Guide For Your Voracious Mid-Century Collector

For the most part your holiday shopping is finally wrapping up (pun intended), however, you still need to get one more gift for the person who means the most to you. A rose-scented bath set, wool sweater, or heart pendant from Jared's simply won't do. 

Though there is no material gift worthy of the love and adoration you feel for her, you can give her something that no one else will. Instead, why don't you give her a gift as unique as she is, a gift that pays tribute to her love of all things mid-century?

Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the items below are still available. Feel free to give us a thank you call after she opens her gift and won't quit smiling :)

Large Mid-century Standing Globe on Wood Base

large mid-century standing globe on wood base

This large mid-century globe stands tall on a wood base. Go ahead, give it a spin. 


View on the site here

1950s Custom Made 'Painter's Pallet' Mosaic Coffee Table

1950s Custom Made Painter's Pallet Mosaic Coffee Table

This 1950s custom made 'painter's pallet ' mosaic coffee table has a unique design and beautiful brass band.


View on the site here.

Pair of Mid-century Mosaic Wall Hangings

Pair of Mid-century Mosaic Wall Hangings

This pair of mid-century mosaic wall hangings are treasures you'll cherish for decades to come.


View on the site here. 

Blue + Green Mid-century Pottery Lamp

Blue and Green Mid-century Pottery Lamp

This blue and green mid-century pottery lamp sits on a sturdy base with a gorgeous patina.


View on the site here. 

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