4 Vintage Mother's Day Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

Flowers are amongst one of the most popular gifts to give Mom on Mother's Day (second only to greeting cards.) Does the woman who spent 24 painful hours bringing you into this world deserve a one-size-fits-all gift for Mother's Day? No, the answer is no. After all, she was the woman who:

  • Stayed up all night helping you glue glitter to a poster board so you wouldn't fail Home-Ec.

  • Let you sleep in her bed for 2 weeks straight when your high school sweetheart broke your heart.
  • Still sends you care packages of canned soup and Kleenex when you have the sniffles.

Regardless of where your mom is in the world, we want you to give her something special for Mother's Day. She deserves it. Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if any of the items below are still available.

1970s Lacquered Jewelry Box (Japan)

Lacquered Jewelry Box

This 1970s lacquered jewelry box from Japan plays the theme from "Love Story" when opened. Inside the box, lights illuminate the center display and the wheels on the geisha carriage spin.


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Murano Style Glass Heart (Italy)

Murano Glass Heart

This Murano style glass heart sculture has a funky bubble design.


View on the site here. 

Vintage Pottery Owl (Mexico)

Vintage Pottery Owl

This adorably cute vintage pottery owl was carefully handcrafted in Mexico.


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Praying Hands Book Ends (USA)

Praying Hands Book Ends

This unique set of 1965 praying hands book ends would be a great addition to any room.


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