Lego Land Mines | 1973 Faux Bamboo Style Thomasville Dresser

photo 2.JPG

There is nothing worse than being a guest in someone's house and feeling like a burden. They shuffle you into their kid's room, convincing you that sleeping on a twin sized mattress is a normal part of life. You know you should be grateful to have a place to lay your head, but you could do without the lego land mines between the bed and the bathroom. And where are you supposed to put your clothes/suitcase? 

This 1973 faux bamboo-style Thomasville dresser has seven drawers, perfect for storing bulky sweaters for the winter. Place this gorgeous piece in your designated guest room and leave a few drawers empty. That way your guests will have a place to unpack and get comfy upon arrival. 

19 1/2 in deep x 57 1/2 in long x 30 in tall


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