Doggy Pileup | Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

People are great and all, but sometimes you just need to be alone with your dogs snuggled up around you. And by sometimes, you mean "most of the time".

This contemporary sectional sofa by Rapport International was crafted in 1990.

10 in wide x 8 feet deep


Splashin' Around | 1976 Abstract Painting by Allie O'Leary

1976 Abstract Painting by Allie O'Leary

When you said you wanted a splash of color in the room, you had no idea it'd be this intense. There is literally no way to feel sad in the presence of this vibrant wall splashing. 

This 1976 abstract painting by Allie O'Leary is like a colorful Rorschach test. What do you see?

40 in x 40 in wide


Demure Fierceness | 1960s Acapulco Lanterns

1960s Acapulco Lanterns

There is something so beautiful when people or things can exude both strength and softness in the same breath. Though her arms could barely carry the week's groceries up the stairs, her presence could fill an amphitheater. 

This pair of 1960's Acapulco Lanterns unites brute and soft. 


Apples to Apples | Vintage Apple Green Ceramic Lamp

Vintage Apple Green Ceramic Lamp

You may be the sour apple of your friend group, but you're also the one who gets called whenever someone needs a dose of truth serum; you aren't afraid to tell it how it is. 

This vintage apple green ceramic lamp won’t just keep the doctor away, it will also put a daily smile on your face.

12 in wide x 24 in tall


Bamboozled Bamboo | Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table by McGuire

Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table

Bamboozle me once, shame on you. Bamboozle me twice, shame on me. Luckily, no one is getting bamboozled in this transaction...110% guarantee...wink, wink. 

This classic 1980's bamboo and glass coffee table by McGuire was crafted in San Francisco. 

42 in round x 16 in tall 


R & R Sesh | Classic and Timeless KREISS Company Sofa

Classic and Timeless KREISS Company Sofa

I would be shocked and appalled if you walked by this sofa without helping yourself to a quick R & R sesh. The poofy cushions are screaming for a squish.

This classic and timeless KREISS Company sofa features a soft chenille fabric with down cushions.

37 in deep x 90 in wide x 28 in tall 


Coast to Coaster | Rosewood Night Stands

Rosewood Night Stands

If this phrase "and this is why we can't have nice things" is a popular one in your household, then I suggest you invest in a nice set of coasters right now. You're going to be a sad Sally, if this dynamic duo gets damaged.

Each of these night stands features a drawer, a lower shelf, and a rosewood finish.

23 in wide x 20 in tall x 16 in deep.


Holier Than Thou | Set of 1920s Mission-style Dining Chairs

Set of 1920s Mission Style Dining Chairs

These chairs may not be holier than thou, but they can sure stand their own when you're having friendly political and religious debates with your neighbors.

This set of 1920s Mission-style dining chairs is reliable yet not stuffy.

18 in wide x 41 in tall x 18 in deep


Cozied Up | 1977 Classic Plush Crush Club Chair by Sheffield Co.

1977 Classic Plush Crush Club Chair

There's a reason why they call it a crush -- it's likely your heart will be crushed into a million and one little pieces after you reveal your fervor. Luckily there are powdery donuts, late night TV, and a cozy club chair for just this reason.

This 1977 classic "plush crush" club chair by Sheffield Co. features a buttoned upholstery and a matching ottoman. 


Nobody Does It Like | Set of Classic-style Club Chairs by Duralee

Set of Classic-style Club Chairs by Duralee

Unlike Sara Lee, you've probably never heard of Duralee. That's ok. While you won't receive a frozen cheesecake with purchase, you will get a comfy place to park your biggest asset.

This set of classic-style club chairs by Duralee features a waterfall skirt, English-style rolled arms and one wide ottoman.

35 in wide x 35 in tall x 39 in deep x 19 in seat height. 


Horse Off Course | Patrick Nagel Commemorative No. 13

Patrick Nagel

She lifted the hood over her head and rode off into the night. "It'll be a cold day in hell before I share my life with another ungrateful man." 

This Patrick Nagel commemorative no. 13. features a fashionable and hooded woman and an elegant horse. 

31 in wide x 43 in tall


Cupcake Aesthetic | Vintage Wicker Corner Shelf, Plant Stand, and Stool

Vintage Wicker Corner Shelf, Plant Stand, and Stool

If someone were to ask you to describe your aesthetic in three words you’d probably say something like; princess, cupcakes, and lace. 

This vintage wicker set includes a tiered corner shelf, a plant stand, and a stool. 

$129 corner shelf

$95 plant stand 

$59 stool 

Minimalist by Default | Vintage Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass and Glass Table

In your previous relationship, your apartment was minimalist by default because you two could never agree on anything, including home furnishings. Now that you’re single, you can decorate how you damn well please. 

This vintage brass and glass coffee table was crafted in Italy and features a 3/4 inch beveled glass top.

42 in round x 17 in tall