Vintage Gifts & Who To Give Them To

Vintage Gifts & Who To Give Them To

It’s that time of year again - the shortest day of the year is on it’s way and western culture has long celebrated this event with the tradition of gift giving.  Whether you’re a Kwanza, Festivus, Hanukkah or even Christmas fan, giving the coolest gift means you can finish the year as a total legend!

While your family and friends are taking it easy with Amazon online, you can stand out with a gift that just screams “I actually spent my time thinking about you and getting something unique that you’re going to love!”  That dear reader, is what this time of year is supposed to be about.

We’ve grouped types of people into five different categories and come up with unique but inexpensive gifts that will show just how much you care, deeply about the intended recipient.

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Neoplasticism | Vintage Pottery Vessel

Vintage Pottery Vessel

If you're a fan of Neo-plasticism, a Dutch artistic movement represented by famous artists like Theo von Doesburg, de Stijl, and Piet Mondrian, then you're going to love this piece. Not only is it a work of art, but you can also store stuff in there if you so desire. Score!

This vintage pottery vessel was crafted in Peru.

10 in wide x 10 in tall  


Intense Interests | Pair of Carved Tribal Bookends

Oversized Temple Bookends

Before there were Facebook interests, people would display their books in a more public room in the house, like the living room, so that people could have a quick glimpse into their psyche and understand them better.  What message do these bookends send? 

This pair of large carved tribal bookends will get all the attention. 

10 in wide x 5 in wide x 5 in deep 


Column Conundrum | Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Your college days may be eons ago, but you're not ready to get rid of your textbooks just yet. Only after you're done paying off your student loans, will you consider recycling them. 

This pair of oversized vintage temple bookends is lofty enough for your college textbooks. 

10 in wide x 10 in tall x 3 in deep 


The Magical | Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Audiobooks are great for expanding your mind while your senses focus on other things like driving, but they will never take the place of a physical (and somehow magical) paperback; the weight of knowledge your hand, the sense of accomplishment you feel with every page turned, and the smell of crisp paper. 

This large and classic ceramic lamp by Marbro is the perfect gift for the intellectual in the family who already has every book in the world.  

10 in wide x 38 in tall


Abstract Expression | 1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

Known for his ability to encompass Abstract Expressionism, it's no wonder Thomas Holland has been called one of California's most important contemporary artists.

This vintage American/Californian plaster bust by Thomas Holland was signed by the artist and dated 1964.  

16 in tall x 8 in deep x 7 in wide

$195/as found

Bauhaus Period | Pair of Vintage Modern-style Armchairs

Pair of Vintage Modern-style Armchairs

In college, you had a brief goth phase to which you refer to as your "Bauhaus period." The only thing Bauhaus about you now is your love for modern furniture and design.

This pair of vintage modern-style armchairs was handcrafted in North Carolina by Century Furniture.

21 in wide x 38 in tall x 18 1/2 in deep


Wonderful World of Color | Large Vintage Abstract Painting

Large Vintage Abstract Painting

The world is either a 1/scary place and you should never leave your bubble, or 2/a magical world of color and wonder and you should get out as much as possible. The choice is yours. 

This large vintage abstract painting was signed and dated by the artist, Barchas, ’73.

37 in tall x 49 in wide


Pomp and Circumstance | Pair of 1950s Traditional French-style Armchairs

Pair of 1950s Traditional French-style Arm Chairs

Though you don't come from royalty, you sure do appreciate a regal affair. Life is too short to be pomp and circumstance-less.

This pair of 1950s traditional French-style armchairs is mid-century at its finest.

24 in wide x 42 in tall x 18 in deep


Teen Angst | Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

It was a whole lot easier to be a sneaky teenager before the digital age. When you wanted to go to a party, all you had to do was have your friend pretend to be her mom, "Yes Martha, the girls are safe with me. No need to worry."

This vintage eagle phone from Pakistan is made of onyx. Perfect for making calls when you’re waiting for your iPhone to charge. 

9 in tall x 12 in wide x 4 in deep


Nomenclature Nonsense | Print of Kandinsky’s Blue Mountain, No 84

Print of Kandinsky’s Blue Mountain, No 84

With a name like Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky, it's no surprise that he was one of the first artists to be credited for painting "purely abstract works."  

This rare vintage museum print of Kandinsky’s “ Blue Mountain, No 84” was printed for a Guggenheim Exposition in 1972.

23 1/2 w x 33 1/2 tall


System Overload | Pair of Oversized Carved Arm Chairs

Pair of Oversized Carved Arm Chairs

With all the fake news, push notifications, and system updates out there these days, it can be hard to find your inner peace. Carve out some time every day to sit and do nothing.

This pair of oversized carved arm chairs are adorned with a tapestry fabric.

41 in tall x 31 in wide x 24 in deep


Good Day | French-style Settee 

French-style Settee 

If you want to start the day off right you’ll need the following things; a strong cup of fair-trade coffee, a healthy breakfast, and a sweet settee to sit on while you lace your shoes. 

This French-style settee is really small, making it a perfect pitstop for the foot of your bed. 

47 in wide x 33 in tall x 24 in deep


SOLD | Football Season | 1980s Modern-style Sofa

1980s Modern-style Sofa

In your eyes, there are only two seasons, Football season and not-Football season. Tis the season of getting rowdy with your fellow sports fanatics

This 1980s modern-style sofa was crafted in Brazil and features a full-grain cowhide and unique baseball stitching. 

29 in tall x 68 in wide x 39 in deep 


In For The Night | Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Plop down on this comfy sofa and kiss your dinner plans goodnight, you’re not going anywhere.  You’ll have to flip a coin with your honey to see who has to answer the door when UberEats finally arrives. 

This vintage sofa by America’s finest furniture company, Hancock & Moore, features a soft Moroccan print chenille fabric with tack trim.

90 in long x 40 in deep x 36 in tall


Digital Age | Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

In today’s digital age the ultimate act of rebellion is to completely check out. Turn off all your devices and curl up with a book instead.

This mid-century wall unit is crafted from dark walnut and features an adjustable shelf, a cabinet, drawer space, and a drop down bar cabinet.

60 in wide x 71 in tall x 16 in deep


Choose Both | Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

There is no reason why you should have to between classy and sassy. You can literally have anything your heart desires. 

This pair of French-style Thomasville nightstands would be great accompanied by this tall chest. 

24 in tall x 16 in deep