Entertainment Biz | Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

These chairs were made for entertaining. If it's been a while since you've hosted a shindig, it's time to dust off the champagne flutes and break out the bubbly. 

Each of these six 1980s Italian dining chairs features an ivory lacquer frame, a tall, a slightly curved back, and an original leather seat. 

42 in tall x 23 in deep x 19 in wide 18 in seat height


Ancient Symbols | 1960s Greek Key Nightstands

1960s Greek Key Nightstands

A Greek key is a universal sign for sophistication. According to Wikipedia, it's also one of the most important symbols in Greece and is believed to symbolize infinity and unity. The world could use a few more Greek keys, don't you think? 

Each of these 1960s nightstands features a drawer with Greek key design. Because the nightstands are smaller in scale they would be perfect for a small bedroom. 

16 in deep x 21in wide x 23 in tall 


Sheer Luck | 1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

Finding a sofa that fits all of your non-negotiables including affordability, comfortability, and wowability is hard enough. Finding one that also fits your entire immediate famliy is just sheer luck. 

This custom-made sectional handcrafted by Century Furniture in 1978 features a European tapestry upholstery, low back, buttoned cushions and fully upholstered feet. 

136 in long x 78 in deep x 24 in tall with 36 seat depth and 18 seat height 

$1195/ four pieces

Wind Down | 1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

Though you and your husband enjoy different wind down activites in the evening, online poker for him and romance novel reading for you, you can both agree on where you'll do said activites, snuggled up on the comfy sofa.  

This 1980s modern-style leather sofa was crafted with a full grain cowhide upholstery.

36 in deep x 82 in long x 30 in tall


Up On Top | Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Putting anyone in your life on a pedestal is a surefire way of being disappointed when they don't live up to your lofty expectations. Putting a vase of vibrant sunflowers on your pedestal table however, will do no harm whatsoever. 

This custom made pedestal dining table comes with two 12-inch extensions and features a high gloss finish and unique tassel-design base. 

47 in round x 29 1/2 in tall 


Stashed Away | Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Decluttering your life is easy for those who live far far away from distant family members. For those of you who occasionally host family gatherings, you've got to be careful with what you throw away, such as that Disney princess tea set your Aunt Linda gifted you for your wedding ten years ago. Stash it away instead. 

This vintage rattan China cabinet has two shelves and cabinet space. 

50 in wide x 79 in tall x 17 1/2 in deep


Urban State of Mind | Union Station Serigraph by Armond Field

Union Station Serigraph

Though Armond started out as professional advertising and market researcher, he made a career shift midway through his life and became a writer instead. He also dabbled in painting, graphic art, and intricate silkscreen prints of urban and rural scapes. 

This “Union Station” Serigraph was hand cut and stenciled by California artist Armond Field in 1984

31 in x 44 in 


Nothing Comfier Than Mohair | Custom Made Club Sofa

Custom Made Club Sofa

Buttery softness, creamy deliciousness, and melt in your hand realness. It doesn't get much comfier than mohair.

New at Casa Victoria this custom made club sofa features a caramel mohair fabric, a low back, and square arms. 

98 in long x 42 in deep x 34 in tall x 18 in seat height


Uniquely Yours | Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Those who appreciate secondhand furniture and home accessories tend to have the best stories. When's the last time you heard a good story start like this, "After wandering aimlessly through IKEA we stumbled upon these unique throw pillows that nobody else in the world has ever seen before."

This beautifully crafted oversized pillow was hand woven from sheep and baby alpaca yarn and embroidered in Peru. 

14 in tall x 36 in long


If You Like Piña Coladas | Vintage Rattan Bar Stools

Vintage Rattan Bar Stools

Your dream of running away to a tropical island and opening up a tiki bar by the beach may be a few years away yet. Until then, brush up on your Piña Colada mixing. 

Each of these vintage rattan bar stools features a low back and swivel seat.

19 in wide x 39 in tall x 20 in deep x 30 in seat height