SOLD | Sink or Swim | 1970s Lacquered Campaign Chest by Henredon

1970s Lacquered Campaign Chest by Henredon

If your apartment has low ceilings, it probably feel like you're trapped on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. Don't drown! To give yourself more breathing room, make sure all the furniture sits low to the ground (ex. platform bed, tuxedo sofa, and this chest instead of a tallboy dresser.) 

This 1970's lacquered campaign chest by Henredon features two drawers.

19 in deep x 32 in wide x 22 in 1/2 tall


Comfort Club | Pair of 1970s Club Chairs

Pair of 1970s Club Chairs

Your clubbin' days may be over, but that doesn't mean the party is over. Now you can throw small gatherings and you don't have to worry about how the hell you're going to get home after!

This pair of 1970's club chairs features a camel colored tweed upholstery and bronze casters. 

25 in wide x 31 in tall x 26 in deep


SOLD | Coming or Going | 1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

In your chaotic world, functional furniture is a must. Because you never know who is coming or going, so you always end up cooking for an entire army. Now you just need somewhere to put all of those hungry bodies! 

This mid-century DREXEL drop leaf table was crafted in 1960.

60 in long x 36 in 1/2 deep x 29 in tall (when fully extended) 


Pineapple Upgrade | Vintage Coral Chandelier with Six Lights

Vintage Coral Chandelier with Six Lights

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If Spongebob won the lottery, he'd most certainly upgrade that pineapple to a watermelon and then hang this chandelier in the entryway.

This vintage coral chandelier was handcrafted and coated and features 6 lights.

28 in wide x 28 in tall


Sun Sign | Round Dining Table by Hollister

Round Dining Table by Hollister

Everyone knows their sun sign, but you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your birth chart if you want to understand the bigger picture. Your moon sign, for example, is linked to your subconscious, instinct, and habits. 

This round dining table is an original by Hollister and features an inlayed sun design. Just in from Santa Barbara, this beautifully crafted table features a retro ‘peg’ construction.

50 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


SOLD | Daily Relaxation | Rattan Rocker Chair With Swivel Base

Rattan Rocker Chair With Swivel Base

Whether you are rocking a new baby to sleep, or you are swiveling the week's stress away, this chair has your back. You know you are allowed to relax when you aren't on vacation, right?

This vintage rattan club chair swivels and rocks.

32 in tall x 30 in wide x 30 in deep 


SOLD | Desert Bones | Mission-style Oak Sofa

Mission-style Oak Sofa

No matter where in the world the wind takes you, your Southwestern roots will always ground you in body and mind. Occasionally your desert bones quietly crave an afternoon monsoon to provide relief from the most brutal of summer days or a clear night's sky illuminated by thousands of twinkling stars. 

This vintage mission-style sofa features an oak frame with a beautiful southwest-style fabric.

87 in long x 37 in deep x 32 in tall


Magical Metamorphosis | Mixed Media Butterfly Art

Mixed Media Butterfly Art

Happiness is not a means to end. Instead, we should embrace the high and low, the ebb and flow, and all the opening and closing of doors we encounter along the way.

This vintage mixed media original artwork titled "Butterfly" was signed by the artist, "Edward Beyer".

40 in wide x 30 in tall


Celebrate Light | Brass Floor Lamp by Stiffel

Brass Floor Lamp by Stiffel

When you live in a city that is cloudy most of the time, you forget how important the sun is to your overall disposition. If you don’t have the option to move to a tropical climate, you’ll have to get creative with how you celebrate light. 

This brass floor lamp by Stiffel is the light you’ve been looking for. 

65 in tall x 12 in wide


SOLD | Comforts of Home | Round Farm House Dining Table

Round Farm House Dining Table

You would rather host a small dinner party with your closest friends than go through the trouble of making a reservation, finding a parking spot, shouting over the other patrons, and risking an allergic reaction to the food. 

Not only does this round Farm House dining table exude charm and delight, it also has a built-in 20 inch extension. 

48 in round x 30 in tall


Sophisticated Playfulness | Chair With Blue Seat Cushion

Metal Chair With Blue Seat Cushion

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. But that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty for not backpacking around the world or joining the circus. You happen to like your modern day comforts, including your, sometimes, monotonous office job. 

This chair with blue velvet seat cushion is the perfect mix between sophistication and playfulness.

31 1/2 in tall x 18 in wide x 16 in deep x 19 in seat height


SOLD | Flow Chart | Leather Chair with Matching Ottoman

Leather Chair With Matching Ottoman

Working from home is great most of the time; you can sleep in, you can run errands if you need to, and you can even skip putting pants on altogether. It also has its downsides, however, like being expected to care of all the household duties (calling the repairman, accepting deliveries, and walking the dog.)

This ergonomic leather chair comes with a matching ottoman so you can put your feet up, take a load off, and relax a bit before yet another crisis unfolds. 

Seat: 39 in tall x 28 in wide x 26 in deep x 17 in seat height

Ottoman 20 in wide x 14 in tall x 17 in deep


Ready to Read | Pair of Brass Ram Head Bookends

Pair of Brass Ram Head Bookends

There is nothing a good book and warm cup of tea can't cure. Many people make the mistake of trying to escape from a stressful day by scrolling through their "noise"feed. All this does, however, is cause more stress. 

This pair of ram head bookends is made of solid brass. 

7 in tall x 5 in wide x 5 in deep 


Keep Going | Vintage 1970s Brass Wall Sculpture

Vintage 1970s Brass Wall Sculpture

If you're going through hell, keep going. I guarantee that there will be brighter days ahead and that they will be full of laughter and joy. In the meantime, surround yourself with beautiful art to absorb all those bad energies circulating around.

This vintage 1970s brass wall sculpture is an original by artist Bijan J. Bijan. 

42 in wide x 14 in tall x 5 in deep


Red Wine and Dine | Leather "Savannah" Sofa

Leather Savannah Sofa

You don't see anything wrong with wearing all black. Not only is it is slimming, and never goes out of style, but you don't ever have to worry about dribbling a few drops of red wine. No one is ever going to know. Now, apply this philosophy to your sofa...

This vintage "Savannah" sofa is made of full grain cowhide and features rounded arms and hand tacked detailing.

33 in tall x 36in deep x 84 in long


Hail the Queen | 1950s French-style Sofa

1950s French-style Sofa

Just like the clothes you wear, your home's furnishings should represent the image you wish to project to the world. If you think you are the queen, then, by all means, your home should reflect that!

This 1950's French-style sofa features a carved wood frame, buttoned back detailing and an ivory velvet upholstery.

80 in long x 34 deep x 36 in tall


Luck Be A Lady | Set of Three Vintage Rope Barstools

Set of Three Vintage Rope Barstools

Three in a row, tic-tac-tow. You might as well go ahead and buy a lottery ticket today. Judging by the fact that you landed on this page, makes me think that luck is indeed on your side.

Each of these vintage rope barstools by Dixie Furniture Co. features a brass foot rest.

30 in tall x 15 in wide