Positive Outlook | Contemporary Style Desk

Contemporary Style Desk

The color green is associated with youthful feelings, positive outlooks, fresh ideas and vibrant energies, (oh and don't forget about money.) In addition it also has become synonymous with harmony and nature. Who wouldn't want all these lovely associations around them while hacking away at a thesis or writing a proposals for a new client?

This contemporary style desk features a green lacquered finish and turner wood legs 

24 in deep x 48 in wide x 30 in tall


Fun and Flirty | 1980s Patrick Nagel Serigraph

1980s Patrick Nagel Serigraph

Some people have RBF (otherwise known as Resting Bitch Face.) Not you, however. Instead, you have a rare genetic gift called CHE (also known as Come Hither Eyes.)  This gift is particularly great at scoring free drinks and backstage passes. 

This 1980's Patrick Nagel serigraph is fun and flirty, just like you.

34 in wide x 38 in tall


Break Up | 9-Drawer Ivory Dresser

9 Drawer Ivory Dresser

Now just because you have nine large drawers for underwear, socks, t-shirts, and other clothes doesn't mean you can use this as an excuse to just break up with your washing machine. 

This 9-drawer ivory dresser (or credenza) was custom made in 1979 and features a brass trim on a platform base.

17 1/2 in deep x 68 in long x 30 in tall


Su Casa | Vintage 1980s Vase by MIKASA

Vintage 1980s Vase by MIKASA

Whenever anyone says "mi casa es su casa" or "my house is your house", I get a warm, tingly feeling inside. Though I never take them literally (otherwise I'd head straight to the pantry and gorge myself with sweets), it still makes me feel oh so welcome. 

This vintage 1980's vase by MIKASA was crafted in Germany.

9 in tall x 8 in wide


Comfortably Curled | Classic 1970s Low Back Sofa

Classic 1970s Low Back Sofa

Binge watching Netflix shouldn't require a limb amputation. You should be able to curl up comfortably with your significant other without having to sacrifice any of your adorable appendages.

This classic 1970's low back sofa was crafted from full-grain cowhide.

80 in long x 36 in deep x 30 in tall


Piles of Stuff | Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Your partner is no longer allowed to leave piles of stuff lying around the house. As an alternative, he's allowed to keep whatever his heart desires in the drawers of the night stand next to his side of the bed.

Each of these ivory night stands were custom made in 1979 and features a brass trim, two drawers, and a platform base. 

24 in wide x 18 in deep x 28 in tall


Well Known | Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Though Ancestry.com claims there is no royalty in your bloodline, you aren't entirely convinced. Any time you have to wait in line, you can feel the VIP screaming at you from the inside, "Do you KNOW who I am?"

This vintage gilded bookcase was crafted in 1990 and features gorgeous cane shelves.

25 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall


Need a Hug? | Classic High Back Club Chair

Classic High Back Club Chair

There is nothing like coming home to a big hug after a long, stressful day. But what happens when your loved one is still stuck at the office (or even worse, in traffic)? 

This classic high back club chair by Hickory & White was crafted in North Carolina and features the most comfortable down cushions.

32 in w x 36 in deep x 40 in tall


Familiar Feast | Mid-century Danish-style Dining Table

Mid-century Danish-style Dining Table

Your brood isn't getting any smaller any time soon. Go ahead and start planning for future family gatherings now.

This mid-century Danish-style dining table features an oval shape, a pedestal base and space for extensions (not included.)

68 in long x 29 in tall x 45 in deep


Perfect Pair | Pair of Mid-century Bel-Air Club Chairs

Pair of Mid-century Bel-Air Club Chairs

I'm not sure how long these chairs will last at Casa Victoria. I say that mostly because I can't stop staring at them. Look at how utterly perfect this pair is; that fabric (swoon), that shape (chic), that slight angled back (amazing.)

This pair of mid-century Bel-Air club chairs features a fun floral print.

36 in deep x 31 in wide x 26 in tall


Down Up | Classic Leather Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Classic Leather Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Every so often a sofa comes along that inspires a sudden urge to just plop right down. Don't be surprised if this sofa does just that. And then don't be surprised again when you don't feel an urge to get back up again.

This classic leather sofa was crafted by America's finest leather furniture maker, Hancock & Moore. Periwinkle blue sofa was handcrafted in North Carolina from full grain cowhide.

90 in long x 36 in tall x 38 in deep x 19 in seat height 


Tucked Away | Pair of Black Andalusian-style Night Stands

Pair of Black Andalusian-style Night Stands

Not having extra storage by the bed can be a real mood breaker, if you know what I mean. It's not like you want to keep your mouth guard on display like it's the Mona Lisa or something. Some things are better left tucked away. 

This pair of black Andalusian-style night stands by American of Martinsville features brass hardware, an interior shelf, and a platform base. 

27 in wide x 17 1/2 in deep x 22 1/2 in tall


Traditional Brutalism | Mid-century Dresser with Unique Hardware

Mid-century Dresser

Who says that home decor has to be so serious? It can be fun to mix and match different styles to suit your multiple moods. Sometimes you fancy traditionalism while other times you prefer brutalism. 

This mid-century dresser features unique metal drawer pulls.

58 in wide x 20 in deep x 33 in tall


Pioneering Spirit | 1973 Campaign-style Chest by Bernhardt Furniture

1973 Campaign Style Chest by Bernhardt

Bernhardt Furniture, a family owned business, has been "creating quality furniture with a deep commitment to people and relationships" for more than 125 years. The pioneering spirit of the company still resonates within every Bernhardt piece.

This campaign style chest by Bernhardt was crafted in 1973.

18 in deep x 56 in wide x 30 in tall


Her Name is Rio | Framed Patrick Nagel Print

Framed Patrick Nagel Print

American-born artist Patrick Nagel was a popular illustrator whose paintings often celebrated the female form while also paying homage to the Art Deco style. While alive, Nagel contributed illustrations to Playboy as well as designed the famous Rio album cover by Duran, Duran.

This vintage print by Patrick Nagel was beautifully framed with custom cut mats. 

41 in wide x 35 in tall