Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Selling a house is easy right?  That's why realtors charge super low commissions and the whole process is a breeze!

OK - now that we've all had a good laugh, today we're going to look at how, with a bit of homework and some great vintage items, you can make the whole thing not only enjoyable, but incredibly profitable too!

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Act Now | Mid-century LANE Acclaim Coffee Table

Mid-century LANE Acclaim Coffee Table

Not every decision in your life requires an in-depth analysis, a second opinion, or time to think about it. Sometimes you just fall in love with the way something makes you feel. 

Though this mid-century LANE "Acclaim" coffee table has a few blemishes, it can be enjoyed as-is or refinished for a more polished look. 

50 in wide x 19 in deep x 14 in tall


Pony Phase | Large Vintage Brass Rocking Horse

Large Vintage Brass Rocking Horse

Every little girl dreams of owning her own pony. While this dream may not exactly fit into the backyard (let alone the budget), this cute sculpture should buy you some time until her pony phase passes. 

This large vintage brass rocking horse would be charming on a little girl’s shelf.

15 in wide x 11 in tall x 4 in deep 


Mind-Expansion | Pair of Vintage Santa Barbara Club Chairs and Ottomans

Pair of Vintage Santa Barbara Club Chairs and Ottomans

With sophisticated chairs like these in your home, you'll feel guilty reading anything other than classic novels or mind-expanding philosophical essay. 

This pair of vintage Santa Barbara club chairs features matching ottomans, carved frames and original multi-level, chenille fabric. 

38 in deep x 29 in wide x 36 in tall 

$395.00/set of one chair and one matching ottoman

Complement Me | 1960s Swag Light

1960s Swag Light

The rough edges and brutal mix of materials might intimidate those that don't understand and appreciate the true meaning of beauty. Elegance and strength complement one another completely. 

This 1960s swag light was crafted from metal and bubbled amber glass.

30 in tall x 8 in deep 


Keep Going | 1940s Glass Ball Lamp

1940s Glass Ball Lamp

If you do anything long enough, you'll be an expert. Eventually, you'll have so much confidence doing this thing, that you'll successfully convince someone to pay you to do it. Once that day comes, you'll be able to buy beautiful things. Moral of the story? Keep going! 

This 1940s glass ball lamp features a marble base and eagle design.

18 in tall x 4 in wide


Double Dutch | Vintage Metal Candle Holder

Vintage Metal Candle Holder

As a child, you dabbled in just about every sport out there. Though you never took home any trophies or champion titles while playing Double Dutch, you sure loved spending recess, afternoons, and block parties jumping and twirling.

This vintage metal candle holder features three girls playing double dutch jump rope.

12 in wide x 5 in deep x 8 in tall


Win Win | Large Vintage Ceramic Platter

Large Vintage Ceramic Platter

If you pile sweet treats onto a botanically themed platter, you'll not only be saving the planet one paper plate at a time, but you'll likely feel less guilty about all the calories you're consuming since the color green has a harmonious side effect.

This large vintage ceramic platter features a Leaf motif. 

18 in round 


Elegant Treasure | Scalloped-style Wood, Glass, and Metal Coffee Table

scalloped-style coffee table

You're going to have to step up your coffee table book game once this elegant treasure is in your home -- because any old book just won't do. 

This scalloped-style coffee table features a brass-hoofed foot detailing and is made of wood, glass, and metal

38 in round x 16 in tall


Geared Up | 1970s Leather Tennis Bag

1970s Leather Tennis Bag

Taking up a new sport is a lot of hard work. Not only do you have to coordinate practice times into your already hectic schedule, but you also have to make sure you don't look like a complete noob. This means you'll need the right gear (clothes and accessories). 

This 1970s leather tennis bag was handcrafted in Brazil. There is plenty of storage space for racquets, balls, and even a lined pouch for soiled items. 

28 in wide x 9 in deep x 13 in tall