Style and Grace | Classic Mid-century Style Sofa by Room & Board

Classic Mid-century Style Sofa by Room & Board

You never have to worry about falling out of love with this classic sofa. When (and if) you get bored with the neutral color, just spice it up with some sassy throw pillows. Voila! 

This classic mid-century style sofa by Room & Board features a buttoned back. 

88 in long x 34 in deep x 31 in tall


Comfortable Contact | Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Ever see a sofa and think "wow, that looks nice, but extremely uncomfortable." Not is this sofa pleasing to the eye, you'll likely never get up once you finally make contact.

This classic style leather sofa by Hickory-Frye of North Carolina features rounded arms and fully upholstered feet.

88 in wide x 34 in tall x 36 in deep


Sophisticated Playtime | Vintage Game Table by Heritage

Vintage Game Table by Heritage

Your husband's love of poker preceded his love for you. But just because he has weekly poker tournaments with the guys, doesn't mean the dining room has to resemble his college dorm. It's time to say farewell to the collapsible card table and red solo cups...forever.

This vintage game table by Heritage features a leather embossed top and pull out drink holders with a faux bamboo style.

36 in wide x 36 in deep x 29 in tall 


Gold, Lots of Gold | 1970s Cobalt Blue Ceramic Lamp

1970s Cobalt Blue Ceramic Lamp

An article recently came out by Fast Company Design stating that minimalism was dead and that maximalism was very loudly (and unapologetically) taking over. So what qualifies as "maximalist"? Gold, lots of gold. 

This 1970s cobalt blue ceramic lamp features a unique gilded leaf rose inlay.

10 in wide x 20 in tall


Self-Care | Gray Mid-century Style Sofa

Gray Mid-century Style Sofa

Life can be damn exhausting. Don't forget to have a little fun in between the hustling. Remember, self care is not only important, it's essential. 

This custom made mid-century style sofa features a channeled back and has been upholstered with an earthstone gray mohair fabric.

84 in wide x 34 in deep x 31 in tall


A Well Tailored Life | Victoire Sofa by Donghia

Victoire Sofa by Donghia

It's no surprise that Donghia's tagline is "Live a Well Tailored Life". Combine clean lines, classic silhouettes, and satisfying pallettes, and you've got an artful collection that has no choice but to stand out against the rest.

Handcrafted in Chicago, this classic sofa was upholstered in two tone silk and linen and features a romantic shape. Buy this "Victoire" Sofa directly from Donghia, and you'll shell out around $9000 (and that doesn't include the fabric).

 104 in wide x 39 1/2 in deep x 34 in tall

$ 1795 

Beach House Vibe | Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

If you're hoping to channel that "classic beach house" vibe, then look no further. This pair will surely do the trick. 

This pair of Catalina-style etageres is made of reed and rattan and features a grasscloth trim and cabinet space. Depending on your needs, this multi-functional pair could be used as bar cabinets, record player holders, bookshelves, and more!  

35 W x 19 d x 74 tall


Stylish Sleepover | Modern Style Gray and Black Leather Sofa

Modern Style Gray and Black Leather Sofa

Just because you aren't 13 anymore doesn't mean you still can't have sleepovers. But that being said, there is no reason to have your guests camp out in sleeping bags on the floor. Your friend's jokes may still be immature, but her bones certainly aren't. 

This modern-style gray and black leather sofa by American Leather Co. features a removable back rest which converts the sofa to a bed. 

86 in wide x 35 in deep x 33 in tall


Sensitivity, Rigor, Dedication | 1980s Modernist-style Leather Sofa by Brianform

1980s Modernist-style Leather Sofa by Brianform

Brianform has been crafting high-quality leather sofas since the late 80s. For nearly 30 years, they have adequately maintained stringent standards whether they are acquiring raw materials or overseeing the production cycle. If you're on the hunt for a leather sofa, you can't get much better than Brainform.

This 1980's modernist-style leather sofa was handcrafted in Italy by Brianform. Sofa features a sleek and tailored design and the finest quality leather. 

76 in wide x 33 in deep x 27 in tall


Future Feels | Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Twenty years ago, you thought you'd be driving around in a flying car, and squeezing a perfectly nutritional lunch out of a tube. Never in a million years would you have imagined that you'd actually be riding around on your bike, scouring flea markets and yard sales for rare vinyl. 

Each of these mid-century commodes, circa 1950, has an interior shelf and sliding peg-front doors. The pair would be perfectly suited for use as media stands or record player stands.


Tired Passersby | Vintage Wicker Arm Chair

Vintage Wicker Arm Chair

This chair commands respect whether you place her in or outdoors. But one thing to be aware of, one who commands respect also attracts followers. If you aren't ready to scrap for a seat just yet, perhaps you should keep her in your room, safely tucked away from any tired passersby. 

This vintage wicker arm chair has a wide back for maximum comfort.

23 in wide x 23 in deep x 33 in tall 


Respect is Earned | 1979 Brown Metal Floor Lamp

1979 Brown Metal Floor Lamp

There is something both comforting and utilitarian about this lamp, don't you agree? You'd probably imagine a light like this in the principal's office. Though you may have feared your elementary's figurehead with every bone in your body, you also had the utmost reverence for her. 

This 1979 brown metal floor lamp features a flexible light. 

46 in tall x 16 in wide (adjustable)


Confusion or Contemplation? | Large Print of Man

Large Print of Man

Did he drink too much the night before? Is he giving up on pursuing the love of his life after being rejected one too many times? Is he contemplating the meaning of life? Or is he enjoying the simple comfort of curving his spine in a fetal like position as the gentle breeze caresses his back? 

This large print of a man features a unique matting and frame design. 

38 in tall x 44 in wide


First Impression | 1980s LANE Console Table

1980s LANE Console Table

In your twenties, you were occupied with impressing everyone. In your thirties, you more worried about impressing your loved ones. Now that you're in your forties, you don't try to impress anyone but your damn self. 

This 1980s LANE console table was handcrafted in Virginia. 

56 in long x 26 in tall x 16 in deep


Celebrate Life | Mid-century China Cabinet

Mid-century China Cabinet

You never understood people who only use the "fine china" once per year, for a celebratory occasion. You take a more liberal approach when determining if something is celebration-worthy. Parking spot near the house that is unaffected by street cleaning tomorrow morning? Celebrate. 1/2 birthday? Celebrate. Making it to the middle of the week without having to scream into a pillow? Celebrate.  

This mid-century china cabinet was crafted in 1955 and features a beautiful cane front detailing. Cabinet’s compact size is perfect for an apartment or breakfast room lacking in square footage.

64 in tall x 38 in wide x 17 in deep