Five Current Trends In Vintage

Five Current Trends In Vintage

It’s October 2017 and there’s a change in the air - can you feel it?  And no, we’re not talking the weather - we’re talking style, we’re talking fashion, we’re talking luxury!

While it may be a little early to declare the death of Danish modern and classic mid century, our customers are voting with their wallets.  They want brass and bronze, not chrome, they want large print fabrics and elegant buttons instead of clean lines and minimalism.  When everybody can get that clean look from IKEA - why would you - someone with style - want the same?

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Gratitude and Giving | 1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

If you want to experience happiness practice these two things; gratitude and giving. Giving a gift will give you more happiness than buying something for yourself! Try it (and then don’t forget to thank us!)

This 1975 inlayed jewelry box from Italy plays “Send The Clowns.” 


Dads on Vacation | Pair of 1980s Floral Print Club Chairs

Pair of 1980s Floral Print Club Chairs

Hawaiian print isn’t just for vacationing dads anymore. Their sock and sandal combo, however, is still exclusively theirs. 

Each of these custommade 1980’s club chairs features an oversized floral print.

31 in tall x 30 in wide x 33 in deep x 17 in seat height


Ventured Far | Classic Mid-century Ship Sculpture

Classic Mid-century Ship Sculpture

Now and days if you want to experience a new culture you just have to book a flight on Expedia or take a virtual tour on Google Maps. Back in the day, however, you had to risk never seeing your family again, catching some incurable disease, or getting captured by pirates. 

This classic mid-century ship sculpture was hand crafted by Fuller Metal Works in Kealskekua, Hawaii. 

26 in wide x 28 in tall x 6 in deep


No Books At All | Pair of 1950s Leather Bookends from Italy

Pair of 1950s Leather Bookends from Italy

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover but you can certainly judge them by how attractive their bookends are (just kidding, don’t do that either.) Instead, judge them if they don’t have any books at all!! 

This pair of 1950s leather bookends from Italy is embossed. 

6 in x 6 in 


Social Networking | 1970s Tweed Arm Chair 

1970s Tweed Arm Chair 

It ain’t easy being tweedy. Whether you love to track trending hashtags, refresh your Instagram feed, or do some good old fashioned Facebook stalking, this chair has your back (and your butt.) 

This classic 1970’s arm chair features a cane trim and tweed fabric. 

26 in wide x 24 in deep x 31 in tall 


Scented Plug Ins | Handcrafted Nightstands with Twig and Leaf Detailing

Handcrafted Nightstands

You don’t have to live in a treehouse to weave nature into your lifestyle. It can be as simple as investing in some indestructible house plants, getting some of those pine scented plug ins, and adorning your abode with thoughtful items such as these end tables. 

These handcrafted nightstands have a real twig and leaf detailing, metal bands woven into a handcrafted top, a drawer and a lower shelf. 

22 in wide x 14 1/2 in deep x 22 in tall