King's Court | Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

King and Queen and everything in between. There is nothing more frustrating than hosting a dinner party and having to scour the house for more chairs when invited guests bring a plus one. With this set, you should be covered and then some (unless of course you invite the Kardashian brood.)

This set of twelve 1950’s Italian dining chairs includes ten side chairs and two armchairs and features a timeless design. Need to be reupholstered. 

$695/set of 12

Go With It | Large Vintage Abstract

Large Vintage Abstract

Depending on which side of the bed you woke up on, you could interpret this painting several ways. You might look at it and be inspired to tackle all of your ToDo's or you might be perfectly content with taking it easy. Whatever you feel, go with it. 

This large vintage abstract features metallic paint.

36 in x 48 in


Ndebele Women | Tall Beaded African Dolls

Tall Beaded African Dolls

After a quick Google search, it appears that these dolls closely resemble Ndebele women, an ethnic group in South Africa. Some time ago, the Ndebele women wore rings around their arms, legs, and neck upon marriage to show her loyalty to her husband. They were also symbols of wealth. The wealthier a woman's husband was, the more rings she had. She was only allowed to remove the rings upon her death. It is no longer a common practice to wear these rings permanently, but the history is remarkable.

These tall beaded African dolls were handcrafted.

35-38 in tall 


Maritime Aficionado | Round Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century Coffee Table Metal Wood

There is something nautical (and therefore majestic) about this prestigious coffee table. It reminds me of a ship's helm (also known as a steering wheel for those who aren't maritime aficionados.) Aye! C’mere, me beauty.

This mid-century coffee table blends both metal and wood beautifully.

40 in round x 15 in tall


Functional Deco | Vintage Square Brass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass Coffee Table

Art deco is glamorous and elegant, sure, but also practical and functional. This coffee table would pair well with botanical wallpaper, a pair of boxy club chairs, and a potent highball. 

This vintage brass coffee table features rounded corners and a beveled glass top.

40 in x 40 in x 17 in


French Country | Set of Vintage Windsor Chairs

Set of Vintage Windsor Chairs

Is it really a French-country kitchen if it doesn't have a few Windsor chairs to hunker down in? Pair them with a chic cushion and the conversations will flow for hours, guaranteed. 

This set of vintage Windsor chairs are a neutral cream color.

20 in wide x 22 in deep x 42 in tall


Crawl Into Bed | Classic Leather Club Sofa


It's much more fun to host movie nights at your house than have to traipse over to someone else's house. Sure you'll have clean-up duty, but you'll get to crawl straight into bed straight afterward. 

This classic leather club sofa was handcrafted by LA’s finest, The A. Rudin Company and features a full-grain, sand-colored leather with tack detailing and down cushions. 

8 feet long x 39 in deep x 33 in tall x 18 seat height


Sophisticated Comfort | Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

You won't find a unique sofa like this at your nearest Ikea (or any other big box furniture store for that matter.) Sophistication and comfort aren't usually synonymous but in this case, they are. 

This custom made wing back sofa features down cushions in a linen blend fabric.

84 in long x 38 in deep x 38 in tall x 20 in seat height


Wrinkled Hug | 1980s Leather Wrinkle Chair

1980s Leather Wrinkle Chair

Wrinkle up in this wrinkly hug with a classic book like "A Wrinkle In Time." Or if you prefer watching your literature, you can attend a screening of the movie starring Oprah--but you'll have to leave your comfy seat for that.

This 1980’s leather “wrinkle” chair was handcrafted in Italy.

40 in x 40 in x 30 in tall 


Important Matters | Mid-century Modern Credenza

Mid-century Modern Credenza

Whether you are a business partner or a life partner, if you want to be taken seriously as a partner, you're going to need a sophisticated way of storing important documents.

This mid-century modern credenza by Bernhardt features a curved front, original hardware, a silverware drawer and cabinet space. 

33 in tall x58 in wide x 21 in deep