SOLD | Oh Happy Day | Majestic Painting of Horses, Dogs, and Fairies

You have recently made a promise to yourself; nothing enters your home unless it makes you  feel completely, and utterly happy. This whimsical painting is likely to do just that. At first glance this majestic painting is just a splash of soft colors and good vibes. After staring at the painting a while longer, however, images of horses, dogs, and fairies begin to appear. A smile is sure to follow.

34 in wide x 36 in tall


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Peruvian Peace Piece

Wonderful Wool

This wool wall art depicts a Peruvian village and workers. The colors are muted, so as not to call obnoxious attention to the piece. Rather, the wool art piece inspires one's mind to relax. Art piece is signed by the artist T. C.

Place this wall art in a bright kitchen to absorb the hustle and bustle of chaotic mornings and fanatical dinner preparation.

5 ft wide x 4 ft tall


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