Embrace Yourself | 1930s Curved Floral Sofa

1930s Curved Floral Sofa

Taking a seat doesn't always feel like a warm hug from an old friend, but when a down cushion and curved frame are involved, it's almost guaranteed. 

This classic 1930s sofa features a curved back and oversized floral print with down cushion. It’s the perfect size for a master bedroom or small living room. 

72 in long x 34 in deep x 30 in tall x 18 in seat height


Comfort Casual | Classic English-style Sofa by Century Furniture

Classic English-style Sofa by Century Furniture

Comfort is definitely not a state of mind, especially when your job requires professional attire to be worn at all times. When you get home, however, the only attire that's required is comfy casual. Cozy up and unwind, you deserve it!

This classic English-style sofa handcrafted by CENTURY Furniture in North Carolina features rolled arms, a chenille upholstery, and a full skirt.  

90 in long x 40 in deep x 32 in tall


Classic French Provincial Sofa

Classic French Provincial Sofa

Sometimes all you need is a warm mug of fruity tea and a meaningful conversation with your best friend. Though you two live on different continents you always find time to connect every few weeks.

This classic French provincial sofa features unique, hand carved pinecone details and a wood frame. 

34 in tall x 80 in wide x 30 in deep


Tune In | Classic Hollywood Regency Sofa

Classic Hollywood Regency Sofa

If you'd rather tune into the Turner Classic Movie channel than watch the latest release from Netflix, then this sofa might just be for you. Set your Bette Davis eyes on the classics and you'll never be disappointed.  

This classic Hollywood Regency sofa in soft velvet features a buttoned back, scalloped shaped arms, and a unique embroidered skirt. 

30 in tall x 90 in wide x 34 in deep


Crawl Into Bed | Classic Leather Club Sofa


It's much more fun to host movie nights at your house than have to traipse over to someone else's house. Sure you'll have clean-up duty, but you'll get to crawl straight into bed straight afterward. 

This classic leather club sofa was handcrafted by LA’s finest, The A. Rudin Company and features a full-grain, sand-colored leather with tack detailing and down cushions. 

8 feet long x 39 in deep x 33 in tall x 18 seat height


Sophisticated Comfort | Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

You won't find a unique sofa like this at your nearest Ikea (or any other big box furniture store for that matter.) Sophistication and comfort aren't usually synonymous but in this case, they are. 

This custom made wing back sofa features down cushions in a linen blend fabric.

84 in long x 38 in deep x 38 in tall x 20 in seat height


Good Day | French-style Settee 

French-style Settee 

If you want to start the day off right you’ll need the following things; a strong cup of fair-trade coffee, a healthy breakfast, and a sweet settee to sit on while you lace your shoes. 

This French-style settee is really small, making it a perfect pitstop for the foot of your bed. 

47 in wide x 33 in tall x 24 in deep


SOLD | Football Season | 1980s Modern-style Sofa

1980s Modern-style Sofa

In your eyes, there are only two seasons, Football season and not-Football season. Tis the season of getting rowdy with your fellow sports fanatics

This 1980s modern-style sofa was crafted in Brazil and features a full-grain cowhide and unique baseball stitching. 

29 in tall x 68 in wide x 39 in deep 


In For The Night | Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Plop down on this comfy sofa and kiss your dinner plans goodnight, you’re not going anywhere.  You’ll have to flip a coin with your honey to see who has to answer the door when UberEats finally arrives. 

This vintage sofa by America’s finest furniture company, Hancock & Moore, features a soft Moroccan print chenille fabric with tack trim.

90 in long x 40 in deep x 36 in tall


Nostalgic Comfort | 1980s Platform Sofa

1980s Platform Sofa

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to seems to be your phrase for just about everything “new” or “modern.” If you crave a nostalgic comfort, you’ll love this sofa. 

This unique 1980’s platform sofa features a thin back and arms and a colorful fabric.

90 in long x 32 in deep x 30 in tall 


Blanket of Stars | Braided Rattan Sofa

Braided Rattan Sofa

Whether you are in the mood to daydream under a blanket of stars or curl up with a classic inside, you’ll need a sofa as versatile as you.

This vintage braided rattan sofa features a fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

74 in wide x 32 in tall x 30 in deep 


On a Mission | Classic Mission-style Sofa

Classic Mission-style Sofa

Growing up in the Southwest was bittersweet. Though you still miss the smell of the earth after the monsoons, you don't miss the blistering heat of the summer. 

This classic mission style sofa features a wooden frame and Southwestern upholstery. 

33 in tall x 37 in deep x 87 in long 


Doggy Pileup | Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

People are great and all, but sometimes you just need to be alone with your dogs snuggled up around you. And by sometimes, you mean "most of the time".

This contemporary sectional sofa by Rapport International was crafted in 1990.

10 in wide x 8 feet deep


R & R Sesh | Classic and Timeless KREISS Company Sofa

Classic and Timeless KREISS Company Sofa

I would be shocked and appalled if you walked by this sofa without helping yourself to a quick R & R sesh. The poofy cushions are screaming for a squish.

This classic and timeless KREISS Company sofa features a soft chenille fabric with down cushions.

37 in deep x 90 in wide x 28 in tall 


Dirt Trap | Classic Camel Back Sofa

Classic Camel Back Sofa

We totally understand if you would rather keep this sofa safely tucked away in your home office instead of exposing it to the following risks; dirty toddler hands, red wine spillage, and Golden Doodle dander. 

This classic camel back sofa would be great in your new office.

84 in long x 32 in deep x 35 in tall


Style and Grace | Classic Mid-century Style Sofa by Room & Board

Classic Mid-century Style Sofa by Room & Board

You never have to worry about falling out of love with this classic sofa. When (and if) you get bored with the neutral color, just spice it up with some sassy throw pillows. Voila! 

This classic mid-century style sofa by Room & Board features a buttoned back. 

88 in long x 34 in deep x 31 in tall


Comfortable Contact | Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Ever see a sofa and think "wow, that looks nice, but extremely uncomfortable." Not is this sofa pleasing to the eye, you'll likely never get up once you finally make contact.

This classic style leather sofa by Hickory-Frye of North Carolina features rounded arms and fully upholstered feet.

88 in wide x 34 in tall x 36 in deep


Self-Care | Gray Mid-century Style Sofa

Gray Mid-century Style Sofa

Life can be damn exhausting. Don't forget to have a little fun in between the hustling. Remember, self care is not only important, it's essential. 

This custom made mid-century style sofa features a channeled back and has been upholstered with an earthstone gray mohair fabric.

84 in wide x 34 in deep x 31 in tall


A Well Tailored Life | Victoire Sofa by Donghia

Victoire Sofa by Donghia

It's no surprise that Donghia's tagline is "Live a Well Tailored Life". Combine clean lines, classic silhouettes, and satisfying pallettes, and you've got an artful collection that has no choice but to stand out against the rest.

Handcrafted in Chicago, this classic sofa was upholstered in two tone silk and linen and features a romantic shape. Buy this "Victoire" Sofa directly from Donghia, and you'll shell out around $9000 (and that doesn't include the fabric).

 104 in wide x 39 1/2 in deep x 34 in tall

Sale Price $995