Neoplasticism | Vintage Pottery Vessel

Vintage Pottery Vessel

If you're a fan of Neo-plasticism, a Dutch artistic movement represented by famous artists like Theo von Doesburg, de Stijl, and Piet Mondrian, then you're going to love this piece. Not only is it a work of art, but you can also store stuff in there if you so desire. Score!

This vintage pottery vessel was crafted in Peru.

10 in wide x 10 in tall  


Intense Interests | Pair of Carved Tribal Bookends

Oversized Temple Bookends

Before there were Facebook interests, people would display their books in a more public room in the house, like the living room, so that people could have a quick glimpse into their psyche and understand them better.  What message do these bookends send? 

This pair of large carved tribal bookends will get all the attention. 

10 in wide x 5 in wide x 5 in deep 


Column Conundrum | Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Your college days may be eons ago, but you're not ready to get rid of your textbooks just yet. Only after you're done paying off your student loans, will you consider recycling them. 

This pair of oversized vintage temple bookends is lofty enough for your college textbooks. 

10 in wide x 10 in tall x 3 in deep 


Abstract Expression | 1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

Known for his ability to encompass Abstract Expressionism, it's no wonder Thomas Holland has been called one of California's most important contemporary artists.

This vintage American/Californian plaster bust by Thomas Holland was signed by the artist and dated 1964.  

16 in tall x 8 in deep x 7 in wide

$195/as found

Teen Angst | Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

It was a whole lot easier to be a sneaky teenager before the digital age. When you wanted to go to a party, all you had to do was have your friend pretend to be her mom, "Yes Martha, the girls are safe with me. No need to worry."

This vintage eagle phone from Pakistan is made of onyx. Perfect for making calls when you’re waiting for your iPhone to charge. 

9 in tall x 12 in wide x 4 in deep


Gratitude and Giving | 1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

If you want to experience happiness practice these two things; gratitude and giving. Giving a gift will give you more happiness than buying something for yourself! Try it (and then don’t forget to thank us!)

This 1975 inlayed jewelry box from Italy plays “Send The Clowns.” 


Ventured Far | Classic Mid-century Ship Sculpture

Classic Mid-century Ship Sculpture

Now and days if you want to experience a new culture you just have to book a flight on Expedia or take a virtual tour on Google Maps. Back in the day, however, you had to risk never seeing your family again, catching some incurable disease, or getting captured by pirates. 

This classic mid-century ship sculpture was hand crafted by Fuller Metal Works in Kealskekua, Hawaii. 

26 in wide x 28 in tall x 6 in deep


No Books At All | Pair of 1950s Leather Bookends from Italy

Pair of 1950s Leather Bookends from Italy

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover but you can certainly judge them by how attractive their bookends are (just kidding, don’t do that either.) Instead, judge them if they don’t have any books at all!! 

This pair of 1950s leather bookends from Italy is embossed. 

6 in x 6 in