Slipping Into | Pair of Custom Made Deep Red Velvet Sofas

Pair of Custom Made Deep Red Velvet Sofas

Your idea of slipping into something sexy may have changed over the years, but you’re not mad about it. Being cozied up on your sexy sofa in your stretchy sweatpants beats pretty much any other nighttime activity (besides sleeping.)

Each of these deep red velvet sofas was custom made and features down cushions. 

92 in long x 40 in deep x 30 in tall


Comfy Factor | Pair of 1980s Swivel Club Chairs

Pair of 1980s Swivel Club Chairs

Sitting around waiting for life to happen to you instead of going out there and grabbing life by the horns depends on one factor and one factor only, how comfy is the chair?

This pair of 1980s swivel club chairs was custom made. 

27 in tall x 34 in wide x 32 in deep 


Work Space of Art | 1980s Office Credenza

1980s Office Credenza

Though you’d never trade in your Spotify and Netflix for VHS and cassette tapes, you would be willing to upgrade your Ikea assemblage for this work of vintage work [space] of art.

This 1980s office credenza features two wood file drawers and a beautiful wood work station stacked on top of an oversized metal cube base. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 29 in wide