Classy Not Flashy | Classic Italian Coffee Table With Brass Finish

Classic Italian Coffee Table With Brass Finish

Like wearing one statement piece of jewelry, such as a gold arm band, incorporating a splash of brass into your decor says “classy, not flashy”.

This classic Italian coffee table features a brass finish.

28 in wide x 50 in long x 16 1/2 in tall


Three Hour Tour | Pair of Custom Made Club Chairs With Gingham Check Fabric

Pair of Custom Made Club Chairs With Gingham

If these chairs don’t remind you of Mary Ann’s dress on Gilligan’s Island, then I’m going to request that you sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship.

This pair of custom made club chairs features down cushions and a gingham check fabric.

32 in deep x 32 in wide x 30 1/2 in tall


Nostalgic Sick Days | Classic 90s Sofa by Drexel Heritage

Classic 90s Sofa by Drexel Heritage

Staying home sick from school in the 90s meant slurping on a can of Campbell’s soup, watching Wheel of Fortune and reading choose your own adventure books in between napping. Ah, the good old days.

This classic 90s sofa by Drexel Heritage features oversized corduroy and sits on a platform base. 

84 in long x 31 in tall x 40 in deep x 18 in seat height


Special Bond | Mid-century Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Mid-century Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier Dog

If you’ve ever been a dog owner, you know how special the bond is between you and your furry pal. They have an uncanny ability to sense when you’re upset or stressed, nestling their way in to your lap so as to distract you from yourself.

This mid-century portrait painting of a Yorkshire Terrier dog is enough to make your heart pitter patter.

26 in wide x 30 in tall


Window To Your Soul | Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

In Japanese architecture, a shōji is a door, window or room divider sometimes consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood. Use this gorgeous screen as either fashion or function and you won’t be disappointed either way.

This vintage Japanese Shoji screen was beautifully hand painted and embellished with mother of pearl figurines.

Each panel is 17 3/4 in wide x 72 in tall


Orchard Overload | Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Fruitwood is, you guess it, any wood from a fruit tree. More specifically, it’s the woody growth of the scion of any grafted fruit tree above the graft. By contrast, the rootstock is the part of the plant below the graft.

Each of these vintage fruitwood nightstands features three drawers and a pull out table.

16 in deep x 26 in wide x 26 1/2 in tall


Confucius Say |  Large Antique Confucius Statue Lamp

Large Antique Confucius Statue

Confucius once said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Like refusing to participate in the fast fashion industry and committing to eating only organic produce and meat, you can also commit to purchasing sustainably for the home as well. Hint, buying vintage or second hand is ALWAYS sustainable.

This large antique Confucius statue was converted into lamp. Carved from wood, this statuesque lamp has its original finish. 

36 in tall x 10 in wide x 8 in deep


Impeccable Taste | Antique Armoire


Some people inherit antiques from their grandparents. You were fortunate to have a grandmother with impeccable taste in wide brimmed hats and matching pantsuits. Now if only you had somewhere worthy of housing such treasures…

This antique armoire features two large hanging compartments, a drawer, cabinet space, original mirrors and a beautiful carving in the front. Armoire comes in three different pieces making it a dream to move. 

72 in wide x 82 in tall x 21 in deep


Fancy Fretwork | Vintage Asian-style Dining Table


Don’t know what fretwork is? Don’t fret! Carved in low relief or on a solid background, fretwork refers to a decorative design that is often geometric and interlaced. You can find fretwork patterns in any material but the most common ones are wood and metal.

This vintage Asian-style dining table in hardwood features a beautiful fretwork top.

71 in long x 35 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall


The Beauty of Stress | Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Ever heard the term “burl wood”? Though it sounds like a type of tree, it’s not. A burl is actually an external growth that can form on any tree undergoing stress such as an injury or fungal infection. If the tree's growth hormones are disrupted it will produce a large dark burl (or bump) on the outside. Once cut open, however, an array of colorful looking lumps and swirls will appear.

Each of these mid-century night stands features a burl wood trim and two drawers.

 21 in wide x 21 in tall x 16 in deep 

$395/ pair

Hollywood Roots | Set of Four Mid-century Dining Chairs by Paul Frankl

Set of Four Mid-century Dining Chairs by Paul Frankl

Though designer Paul Frankl was Austrian born, his fresh designs helped shape the unique look of American modernism. After relocating from NYC to Los Angeles he opened a gallery on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where Hollywood stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Fred Astaire frequented. 

This set of four mid-century dining chairs by Paul Frankl features a Clarence House fabric.

22 in deep x 19 in wide x 35 in tall

$795/ set 

Wondering What Our Items Would Look Like With A Makeover?

Wondering What Our Items Would Look Like With A Makeover?

What you see at Casa Victoria is not always what you get. While a lot of our items are perfect as-is, some of them could benefit from a little nip-tuck (if you know what I mean.) That's why we were so thrilled to have Reviltaliste, a full-service furniture revitalization company that handles everything from pick up to final delivery, acknowledge us as a go-to source for antiques and vintage in the Los Angeles area.

Trusted by top interior design professionals, Revitaliste makes it easier than ever to transform your favorite furniture into something you will truly love. In their most recent blog post, they've taken some current Casa Vic items and added their own design flair - from bold lacquer to fresh upholstery fabrics.

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1980s Lacquered Mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA

1980s Lacquered Mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA

People don’t often pay attention to the frame of a mirror, instead choosing to focus on their own imperfections. Those who do, however, will be handsomely rewarded.

This 1980s lacquered mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA features a brass trim.

34 1/2 in wide x 44 1/2 in tall


Eastern Religion | Pair of Fine Art Prints for Mirage Editions

Pair of Fine Art Prints for Mirage Editions

You can’t always be meditating, taking a bath, or reading books about eastern religions. You can, however, make sure your living space is completely zenned out so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your inner calm whenever you’re paying bills or tidying up.

This diptych (pair) of fine art prints c. 1988 for Mirage Editions features an Asian-modern style. 

24 in x 36 in each piece


Parisian Penthouse | 1980s Custom Made Channel Back Sofa

1980s Custom Made Channel Back Sofa

If you looked at this photo and immediately thought of eating a buttery croissant on the balcony of a Parisian penthouse, you’re probably hungry. Feed yourself and come back when your blood sugar returns to normal.

This 1980s custom made channel back sofa was scalloped to perfection.

 94 in long x 44 in deep x 30 in tall 


Long and Lean | Pair of Custom Club Chairs by Brayton International

Pair of Custom Club Chairs by Brayton International

Wearing vertical stripes gives the illusion that you are long and lean. Unless of course you’re a chair.

This pair of custom club chairs by Brayton International features a wide seat, low back and vertical striped upholstery.

31 in wide x 28 in deep x 28 in tall